Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hi guys!I just got home from ManikaManila's Annual Valentine's meet. I had a blast! <3 ILU guys! More about this meet after I upload some photos in the next few days.

Its been a while since I last pulled an all-nighter sewing stuff. I'm not really feeling well right now (been awake for more than 36 hours) but somehow I feel quite accomplished. I was finally able to finish the kimono commission and a quick red dress commission by a friend in one night. Wooh! Its not nice to feel dizzy (and high?) and hyper at the same time, but I somehow missed it since it feels like college thesis season all over again. I'm alive special thanks to Cobra Energy Drink. XD More about these commissioned pieces soon!

Anyway, I'm obviously babbling. Keep watching this blog!

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