Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oriental Princess

When Alice came home months ago, she was squeaky, shiny, and not strung well. She even had a few almost-accidents because she cannot stand too long on her own. So when a fellow bjd owner Ricci opened her BJD aesthetics shop, I immediately signed up for a much needed MSC coating, restringing, and kips insertion (kips are used to help protect her joints and to improve her posing skills).

I knew she won't be home for at least three agonizing weeks (please excuse the newbie bjd owner here), so I decided to work on some fabrics I purchased last December:

Some unknown number hours (and hours and hours) of work later, I posted this dress mock-up:

And finally, here's the finished product!

Also posted on Manika Manila

Those ruffles totally killed me! I'm pretty OC (Obsessive Compulsive) with my ruffles so I did all the ruffling by hand. Majority of this piece is machine sewn, but I hand stitched a lot of details as well. I still have to tweak a few details here and there, and work on the back piece of the obi because I actually ran out of fabric. But overall, I'm very very pleased with the result.

Extra shots!

Looking very regal here. XD

Her Royal Highness

Hope you liked it!

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